Lewisham Drift / Rehearsal for a Demo (organised by I.D.C.)


The Banners Committee from the Goldsmiths Library Occupation will facilitate a workshop on banners, placards and slogans-making. We will produce banners, placards and slogans for the “Lewisham Drift” that will take place right after, and for future demonstrations in London (for example the one of the 26th of March), but also Berlin and Copenhagen. You are invited to bring a selection of your favourite quotations, taken from books, films, songs, etc. We will use the technique of detournement to turn the quotations into slogans that would respond to the current situation of crisis and cuts. During the workshop John Hutnyck will talk about the first two issues of The Paper and of current modes of collective knowledge production as forms of resistance.

After the workshop we will bring the slogans into the streets, and we’ll drift around the neighborhood, visiting places that are significant for people struggling against the cuts in the area. With the Lewisham Anti Cuts Alliance we will visit the New Cross Library, which will be soon privatised, and the St James Family Learning Centre which will be closed down at the end of March. With Prof Les Back we will visit other locations in New Cross that have been sites of resistance during the past century. During the drift we’ll read some texts together, and music will be played by students from the Goldsmiths Music department, but feel free to bring your own favourite instrument.

The Lewisham Drift / Rehearsal for a Demo is intended as an attempt to open the University to its surrounding area, creating the possibility for a set of connections to take place in a collective (hopefully near) future.


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One Response to Lewisham Drift / Rehearsal for a Demo (organised by I.D.C.)

  1. A problem with the drift was that we had not thought through how to relate to the people while walking in the streets. It would have been necessary to discuss this between the organizers to find ways of relating to the ‘outside’ people (from conversations, questions, hand outs, symbolic presents…) and then propose these ideas to the participants.

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