Pedagogy of/through art in Brazilian collective practices

Screening + discussion with Gabriel Menotti and Camila Mello.

This activity examined the situated pedagogy allowed by some artistic practices. Being untied from conventional methods or disciplines, such practices seem able to overcome the self-important triviality of institutional schooling. At the same time, they could be criticized by their restricted reach, lack of depth and incapacity to feedback into everyday life ­– as if they constituted just a performance of pedagogy. To consider both sides of the question, we examined the processes of production and exchange of knowledge of some Brazilian groups involved with art making and political activism, paying special attention to how these groups engage with the public of their work.

Here are the links for some of the videos shown (and a couple others)

Atrocidades Maravilhosas (part 2)
Zumbi Somos Nós 1 (7 parts, this is the first)
Piratao #01
Cine Falcatrua video clipping
O Gilbertinho Prefere Copias Digitais

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