KUMUA – Recycling Material for a Video-Performance

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video-performance KUMUA recycles audio visual material collected at the campus of KUMUA: University of Copenhagen’s Temporary Move to Amager. Built from 1972-79, by modernist architects Eva and Nils Koppel, KUMUA was designed as a temporary housing scheme for the University of Copenhagen’s Faculty of Humanities. But, the transient purpose became permanent and until today, the faculty is still housed in the temporary structure. However, today parts of the original structure are being replaced and recycled into a new university campus, recycling 96% of the original materials. We propose to use this transformative, recycling methodology as an entry point to re-think academia and the locus of knowledge production.
Sampling archival material, found footage with elements of dead-pan humor and science fiction, the video-performance takes us on a psycho-geographical detour of the campus, exploring the following questions: How to recycle academia into new and unforeseen forms? What can be re-used from existing academic structures to shape new collective futures? How does the built environment shape knowledge production? How to style temporary spaces for ephemeral knowledge production? And how to style new forms of knowledge production?

The performance-in-progress is a collaborative project between Sidsel Nelund and Katrine Dirckinck-Holmfeld.

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