Elephant Dialogues

Elephant dialogues are based on a manual on How to Be A Camera!

Warm-up the battery:

CLOSE-UP: Work with one person. Be in a short distance to him/ her so you only see one part of their body
FULL FRAME: Repeat action 1, but this time keep a distance to the subject so you see the full body.
DISSOLVE: place your index finger in front ofyour eyes. Move the finger slowly towards your eyes.
FADE TO BLACK: Close your eyes gradually.
HIGH CAMERA ANGLE: A camera angle which looks down on its
subject making it look small, weak or unimportant.
JUMP CUT: A rapid, jerky transition from one frame to the next, either disrupting the flow of time or movement within a scene or making an abrupt transition from one scene to another.
LOW CAMERA ANGLE: Sit like a frog and look up
PAN: Stand straight and make a turn from left to right with your entire body
TILT: Use your body as a tripod your eyes moves from down to up
ZOOM: Move your head back and forth



Opening scene
Shot 1  FULL FRAME on the closed metal door  people talking/ flushing of toilet / someone giving instructions
Shot 2 door opens, ZOOM IN on door handle  SLOW TRAVELLING through dark room / lights turn on  ventilation system  door no 2. opens / FAST PAN 180o
Shot 3  PAN back and enter dark room slowly, take the first to your right  scary music open first door on your left
Shot 4  FULL FRAME of two elevator doors / camera is undecided and SHIFT FOCUS between the two / chose the right one / FADE TO BLACK  Inside of elevator, ZOOM IN on hand pressing 2. Etage k

Scene 2: The Dragon in the Chimney Shot 5  TILT: to top of chimneys  wind in trees and sound of street
Shot 6  move across the street following the white lines on the pavement  Follow the narrow path around the building
Shot 7  TILT: to see the black pedestrian bridge and the wind in the pine tree  wind in trees
Shot 8  TILT: up the chimney / ZOOM IN on dragon nostrils  sound of drafted beer/ sound of huge burp  steam comes out of dragon’s nostrils

Scene 3: The Golden PlatesShot 9  Park in different parking spots – PAN 90o FULL FRAME on red building with golden plates  a combination of the hum of idling interlock motors in aged movie projectors and interference caused by a television set on an unshielded microphone  ZOOM IN on one golden plate  UFO landing  communicate while looking at a golden plate, a vision of the past to the future
Shot 10  TRAVELLING fast 90o to the right – FULL FRAME of empty glass box  shattered glass, slow motion  circle 360o around glass box
Scene 4: Elephant Encounter

Shot 11  travelling towards the end of the road  full frame on elephants  ZOOM IN on elephant eyes  elephant dialogue
Shot 12  under the archways, slow TRAVELLING towards brick wall  approach red brick wall until it looks like a map
Shot 13  without turning around, move back under the archways  Rewinding
Shot 14  from the parking spot next to the arcades, move towards the park  shout to the tower  time passing
Shot 15  On the playground: JUMP CUT to HIGH ANGLE VIEW through megaphone  ZOOM IN and OUT of the megaphone frantically  The song  DISSOLVE
Shot 16  lay down on one of the three hills, FADE IN into open sky  silence  slow FADE OUT

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